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1st video
salon info: Ciel s Head SPA
address: Tokyo, Ikebukuro station, Ishikawa building 2F
website: pls go to pinned comment!

2nd video
salon info: Hitotoki no Shizuku
address: Tokyo, Ebisu station, 1-15-10 Ebisu Nishi, Yokoshiba Building 2F
book here: pls go to my pinned comment!
menu I got: 70 mins of standard course
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3rd video
salon info: Umi Cocochi head SPA (ヘッドスパ専門店 海ここち)
address: Tokyo, Gotanda station, 1-10-7 Higashigotanda, Tokyo Ios Gotanda Building 1F
book here: pls go to my pinned comment!
menu I got: 60mins of Cream head SPA + hand massage
They have 20% discount for all first time customers. 20% discounted price is already given in their Hot pepper website! Please be sure to mention “ASMR Twix” in the checkout.
Enjoy your session!

4th video
Salon info: Hammock Hair Salon COCONA
address: Tokyo, Koenji station
3-minute walk from JR Koenji Station North Exit
website: pls go to pinned comment!

5th video
salon info: クレイヘッドスパ Lino Relaxing & Spa 中目黒
address: Tokyo, Nakameguro station, ACN Nakameguro place F3
website: pls go to pinned comment!

6th video
Salon info: CASPA Ebisu color head spa
address: Tokyo, Ebisu station, 3-25-8 PVB, F3
website: pls go to pinned comment!
therapist name: Toriyama san
menu I got: Popular NO1 [Human Stem Cell Culture Solution Cream Head Spa] 100 minutes
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00:00 – preview
10:41 – 1st video
47:01 – 2nd video
1:22:05 – 3rd video
1:55:22 – 4th video
2:24:04 – 5th video
2:58:54 – 6th video

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Answers for frequently asked questions.
1. I have been living in Japan for several years now. I’m a Student + SPA reviewer
2. For privacy issues, I prefer to keep my ethnicity, real name, age, address in private.
3. I don’t get treatment that often as I post them frequently. I balance treatments schedule considering my skin and health condition.
4. Why “Twix”? Me and My sister work on creating these contents together. As you know Twix chocolate bar has 2 pieces. So, I’m not the only creating these videos. My sister👩 is behind the camera as Camerasister. So we thought that would be fair If I add my sister’s name. Of course, not directly adding her name.
5. Camerasister prefers to work behind the camera. I hope you will respect her decision.
6. Don’t worry Camerasister gets her own sessions off cmaera.
7. We don’t do “Whispering” and “No talking” videos.
8. All the places I show on this channel aren’t sponsored. If I get sponsored on my videos, I’ll definitely mention about sponsorship in the videos according to YouTube sponsorship terms and conditions.
9. You can visit all these relaxing places on my channel.
Often there’re special discounts or sometimes special gifts just for my subscribers.
10. Many of you worry about hair types, language barrier or just being nervous. BUT we always make sure to ask about these concerns from the places. All of them are very kind and foreigner welcomed places. All require booking beforehand!
11. Do I have any other social media?
I have Instagram account @asmr.twix . You can follow me using this link: https://www.instagram.com/asmr.twix/?igshid=giuqc3yz25xw

I hope you had fun reading my short Q&A!
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