Hey, guys! Dr. Shelly here! Join me on a tour of my wellness center in Port Orange, FL.

Natural Health Practices is a holistic health haven offering safe, natural, and effective solutions to many health problems. ​My team and I believe in the body’s miraculous ability to heal without the use of drugs or surgeries.

We offer concierge natural healthcare services to patients interested in more personalized care. We take the time to get to know our patients and build relationships with them. We believe that the best hospitality should not be found at a Ritz Carlton, it should be found at your doctor’s office.

Services we offer include:
🌱Chiropractic Care
🌱Auto Accident Treatment
🌱Massage Therapy
🌱Nutrition Response Testing
🌱Nutrition Coaching
🌱Infrared Sauna Therapy
🌱Ionic Detoxification
🌱PEMF Therapy

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