I’m the director of a gorgeous ASMR decontracting massage, made by Barbara on Eleonora. This is the whole video, Thanks to both πŸ™ I BOOSTED the audio: let me know your thoughts
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Barbara πŸ‘‰ inst @barbaramassage
Eleonora πŸ‘‰ inst @eleonora_cuccu
Location inst πŸ‘‰ inst @younailsbeauty

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Welcome to the ASMR Barber channel – here you will find videos of people getting shaves, haircuts, and massages. All of the oddly satisfying videos with ASMR sounds for your health. You will see videos of ASMR barbershop, ASMR haircut, ASMR head massage, ASMR face shave, ASMR shampooing, different kinds of ASMR binaural, clipping sounds, massaging, and many relaxing sounds to relieve you from anxiety, insomnia, or fear.🎧 The videos are very relaxing and they can be used as ASMR with the gentle movement and the background sounds to make you sleep or to make you feel better. πŸ’€ Welcome to the channel, subscribe πŸ’— http://bit.ly/2nM9Wyl


00:00 Introduction
00:25 Foot and Back Leg Massage
19:21 Back Massage and Arms
31:00 Foot and Front Leg Massage
46:51 Belly, Shoulder, and Neck Massage
1:03:54 Final comments

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