Good evening my sweet friends 💜 and welcome to this real person detailed face exam and skin analysis with Layla where I conduct facial mapping and a physical examination. ❤️

In this video I am gently examining the face paying special attention to the skin and its condition. I also perform a physical health check through lymph node and cardiac analysis. I firstly help Layla relax and examine her shoulders and arms by gently palpating the skin. I then examine the lymph nodes in the neck and upper chest to check for swollen glands. I also listen to Laylas chest and examine her back and spine. Throughout this video I am soft spoken as well as whispered.

I hope you feel secure within this safe space, as you fall asleep ❤️ As always I will see you in the comments where we can share our day.

Thank you for being here and watching my video it means the world ❤️ Love Natalie x 🌙

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