Welcome to asmr massage fun. Bright and wonderful 💥 Yes, subs, this is about our new video. Sounds for oranges will help you really enjoy this massage🍊 And our masseuse Anna will do everything possible for this🧡 The hot oranges massage seems like a different idea, but there are a lot of great things that come from it. First, from an aromatic standpoint, what smells better than orange. The back, neck, foot, and full body massage is great with the orange. The orange works similarly to the stone ball but it does have some give, which allows the muscle to work with the orange for the tension to be released without much, if any pain. Add in the heat, and this is a massage that will make the blood flow right to those areas.

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Hello everyone! Welcome you to our channel. We are a small team who create hi-class asmr massage videos. On our YouTube you will watch full body, back, head, neck, hand and foot massages. Relaxing atmosphere, good sleep and positive emotions – all this you will get here. Subscribe to be notified of new videos



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