Doña Rosa is back! 👒 💐 💪 In this video, Rosa gives Alejandra a special hair treatment and massage with hair play, hair cracking, and soft tingly sounds and ASMR triggers. As Rosa gently pulls, brushes, and plays with Alejandra’s hair, she whispers soothing words and even sings a special song at the end. We hope you like it!

The traditional headache treatment that Rosa uses in this video is called “hair cracking”, or in Spanish, “sacando los soles”. Hair “cracking” involves pulling out individual strands, which creates a soft popping sound and is believed to relieve headache due to sun exposure.

In the introduction you will notice that Rosa uses Palo Santo to cleanse and purify the environment. Palo Santo (Holy Wood) is native to the Ecuadorian coast and is one of our favorite cleansing tools. It has a distinct aroma and can be used to purify any environment, and is also a wonderful natural insect repellant. Luna Sundara imports it from Ecuador and has it available on Amazon if you would like to try:

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Alexandra’s Instagram is @lalegriah. She is also a talented photographer, so don’t forget to check out her photos 👉 @thefemme__

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