Real person cranial nerve exam and neurological sensory exam medical roleplay for a “transient global amnesia” patient. (English subtitles are available for this video)
Some exams were adapted for my model’s comfort. Technique and information is not accurate so please don’t study from it!

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Time Stamps
0:00—Taking History
10:34—Assessing Cognition
12:10–Inspect and Percuss Skull
13:21—Neck Palpation and Range of Motion
14:21—Skin Check
14:55–Cranial Nerve I–Olfactory
15:49–Cranial Nerve II–Optic
21:37–Cranial Nerves III, IV & VI
22:09–Cranial Nerve V–Trigeminal & Cranial Nerve XI–Spinal Accessory
24:45–Cranial Nerves VII + XII–Facial Nerve + Hypoglossal Nerve
26:32–Cranial Nerve VIII–Vestibulocochlear Nerve
28:30–Cranial Nerves X + XII–Vagus and Hypoglossal Nerves
29:48–Gait Inspection
30:25–Pronator Drift
30:42–Coordination Tests
31:45–Myotome Exam
32:21–Vibration Testing
33:30–Deep Tendon Reflexes

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