Mamá Isabel provides a spiritual cleansing or “limpia spiritual” and massage for a young lady at a restored monastery in Cuenca, Ecuador. We requested and were given permission to film within this unique location and I’m sure you’ll agree that such a sacred space is full of positive energy 😊

Traditional healers like Doña Isabel do spiritual cleansings to clean the body of negative energy and promote relaxation and peace. I hope you enjoy this part of Ecuadorian culture and natural ASMR trigger!

One of our favorite cleansing tools that you will see in our videos is the fragrant smoke from the sacred “Palo Santo” tree. It’s native to Ecuador and available at our local market, but if you can’t make it down to Ecuador to pick some up, it is also available on Amazon 👉

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👉 Ready for more? Here’s a playlist of Karen’s spiritual cleansing and massage videos

Thanks for being with us today. Hope to see you in the next one!

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